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Just Friends, JF Crew, or simply JF is a supersonic music group made up of marching band freaks from the Bay Area. From DIY shows at the Dublin, CA laser tag in 2013 to Chicago’s Riot Fest and beyond, JF has been in it for a minute. Touring, dancing, and writing funky-tasty jams that you, your mama, and your little cousin can groove to. With 4 genre-defiant albums and a spectacular live show, these sweethearts are on a mission to spread love, friendship, and the power to be yourself, worldwide.

Melding elements of power-pop, punk, funk and hip-hop, “Gusher” is a confectious party record bursting memorable anthems that are made for singing along. “Life I’m Living In” is an explosive and heartfelt anthem that celebrates life in all its chaotic stages. The narrative transmutes contending with the growing pains of life into finding liberation and love in the journey. A sobering reflection that develops into peace within the storm.

During lockdown, vocalist Sammy found himself forced to wrestle with the life changes that had, up until then, been left behind without much time to process. Aches and pains from his own actions, as well as actions against him, became an inescapable echo chamber during the mandatory isolation of the pandemic. The only way out was through, and over time, Sammy began to feel relief. What changed? His perspective. His time of reflection taught him that life is messy and it hurts, but the best we can do is offer ourselves and others grace. To move forward with integrity and share joy and Sprite with the people who stick around.

For vocalist Brond, the only constant has been change. An international immigrant, daughter of a single mom, she became accustomed to starting over. In “Life I’m Living In,” she reflects on the stark contrast between her life before Just Friends, and after. For her, this song is a celebration of just how bright the heart can shine with the right people around. How the most valuable victories in her life are simple-not giving up on herself and recognizing that the love and community around her are enough.

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1. Zaza In The Sun
2. Life I’m Living In
3. Brain Hurt Bad
4. Better 2 Be Around
5. Love Bug
6. 5th Dimension
7. Circle Pit of Love
8. Clown On You
9. Cream & Sugar
10. 1-800-SEXY
11. JUMP
12. I Miss You, Bitch
13. U & Me

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