Lemonheads – Lick


Lick is an album by Lemonheads, released in 2013.

It is the third album by The Lemonheads and the last to feature founding member Ben Deily.

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LP-A1 Mallo Cup 2:13
LP-A2 Glad I Don’t Know 1:20
LP-A3 7 Powers 2:32
LP-A4 A Circle Of One 2:50
LP-A5 Cazzo Di Ferro 3:45

LP-B6 Anyway 3:11
LP-B7 Luka 3:08
LP-B8 Come Back D.A. 1:56
LP-B9 I Am A Rabbit 1:47
LP-B10 Sad Girl 1:50
LP-B11 Ever 2:51

CD-1 Mallo Cup 2:12
CD-2 Glad I Don’t Know 1:19
CD-3 7 Powers 2:31
CD-4 A Circle Of One 2:49
CD-5 Cazzo Di Ferro 3:45
CD-6 Anyway 3:09
CD-7 Luka 3:08
CD-8 Come Back D.A. 1:54
CD-9 I Am A Rabbit 1:45
CD-10 Sad Girl 1:47
CD-11 Ever 2:48

Bonus CD Included
CD-12 Strange 2:57
CD-13 Mad 1:43
CD-14 Sad Girl (Live On WERS) 1:54
CD-15 Nothing True / Glad I Don’t Know (Live On WERS) 3:11
CD-16 Luka (Live On VPRO 1989) 3:41
CD-17 Interview With The Lemonheads (Holland 1989) 2:34
CD-18 Mallo Cup (Live On VPRO 1989) 2:31
CD-19 Glad I Don’t Know (Original EP Version) 1:28
CD-20 I Like To (Original EP Version) 0:53
CD-21 I Am A Rabbit (Original EP Version) 1:17
CD-22 So I Fucked Up (Original EP Version) 1:02