General FAQs

FAQ 101

Must I order online? Can I just get from your shop? Are your shop open?

We are a physical record shop with strong Internet presence. Of course you can just walk in and buy from our shop. For our operating hours please refer to the contact us page.

Are your price the same for online and in-shop purchase?

Yes, they are exactly the same.

Can I call / phone in to enquire about a particular record?

Yes you can but you might not get the answer immediately.

With thousands of titles, it is not possible for us to remember the price and availability for each of them. That’s why we highly recommend that you drop us an email first. Give us some time to check the stock and we will reply your email as soon as possible.

Do you have stock for xxx albums or albums from this artist?

Instead of calling us right away, we invite you to use the search function to look through the full catalogue of our vinyl records on

If the records / artists are not listed here, that means we don’t have them in our shop. In this case please drop us an email if you want us to source for you.

What payment method do you accept online?

We accept Paypal and credit cards (via Paypal interface)

What payment method do you accept at the shop?

We accept cash, NETS, Visa, Mastercard, Amex and GrabPay

Can you under declare my order?

We cannot under-declare the value of the items. Please take note for international shipment, should there be any duty, tax or any other fees imposed by receiving country, these fees are to be paid by the buyer. Retrophonic is not responsible for these charges. We also cannot declare your order under personal gifts. All shipment will be declared as merchandise.

Do you buy used records? Can I sell my records to you?

No, we don’t buy used records.

Back Orders

What are back order items?

Back order means that we do not have the records in stock but it is possible for us to order them from our suppliers.

How long does it take for back order items to arrive?

It usually takes 2-4 weeks. If suppliers have ready stock it can sometimes be brought in as fast as within 7 days. If suppliers ran out of stock, it will take longer because the records need to be sourced from the record label.

If you need the back order item within 2 weeks, we highly recommend that you get in touch with us at before placing your order. Just let us know the records that you wish to get and we will get back to you about availability and expected date of arrival.

What if the back order items is out of stock / out of print?

Some back order items might become out of print. In this case, we will arrange to fully refund for your order via Paypal.

What if the records are still not fulfilled after 30 days?

We will inform you about the situation and refund your order unless you have left specific instructions to wait before the 30-day period.


Out of Stock Items

Can I order records that are out of stock?

There’s always a possibility that out of stock records become available again. We highly recommend that you get in touch with us at

Pre-order Items

What are pre-order?

Pre-order items are records that are expected to release in the future. These can be some times 2-3 months ahead.

Please take note that the pricing, expected release date and specifications might change if the record label decides to do so. This rarely happens but they do happen.

Is my pre-order confirm in stock?

About 80% of our pre-order items can be fulfilled. That being said, for high demand records, our suppliers could run out of stock. In short, pre-orders are not guarantee available. For unfulfilled orders we are happy to refund you.

When will my pre-order items arrive?

We usually need 7-10 days to ship the records from overseas suppliers. If everything is smooth, they should reach Singapore 7-10 days after the expected release date. Please add another 2-3 days for local delivery.


Order Delivery

How long does it take to delivery my order?

Local Delivery usually can be done by next business day if orders are placed before 12pm provided all items are in stock. During peak period such as holiday seasons, it might take 2-3 business days to deliver.

Read more about delivery on Shipping Information & Cost page

Overseas delivery usually take 7-15 days depending on the country and courier services.

Please take note that if you have a mixture of pre-order, back order and ready stock items, depending on the order amount and availability of items, Retrophonic might decide to send multiple packages or hold back the delivery until all items are in stock.

Can you leave my package at the door / at the back door / with my neighbour?

If this is what you wish, we can certainly leave an instruction for our courier service providers. However, this is very risky and we do not recommended

In the event of lost delivery, we won’t be able to trace because the courier company will mark it as delivered and there’s no way Retrophonic can claim our the lost from our insurance.

UPDATE: Due to recent recommendation to reduce the risk of Covid-19 infection, it is possible to request for contactless delivery. It is quite common for courier service to leave the package at the door now.

Can I request to have my order delivered on specific date at specific time?

With our current logistic provider we are not able to guarantee date and time specific delivery. If you are placing order as a gift for birthdays or anniversaries, it is recommended to your order delivered early than late. If you absolutely have to have your order delivered on specific date and time, we have to arrange alternate delivery using services such as Lalamove or Gogovan. There will be additional charges for this.


Self Collection

When can I collect my order?

We usually can process your order within the same day so coming over to collect your order next day should be no problem. If you want to collect within the same day, please drop us an email after placing your order. We are always happy to expedite for you.

It is not uncommon for customers to place order and pick up 30 minutes later. This is however not guaranteed as we might be busy at the shop. So your best bet is to let us know. You can also call us directly after placing your order.

Where do I collect my order?

Please collect at our retail store: 53A Duxton Road, Singapore 089517 


Can I cancel my order?

Cancellation are not allowed unless the item(s) are out of stock due to stock keeping issue or delayed more than 14 days from the original release date. Back order items are not allowed for cancellation unless we fail to deliver or restock within 4 weeks.

For customers who demand or insists on cancellation there are subject to refund administration fee. The amount of the fee are determined based on the value of the purchase.