Shipping Information & Cost


Vinyl records are heavy to ship. On average, each vinyl record with the album cover weights around 300 grams. In order to protect the vinyl and record covers from shipping damages, they have to be carefully wrapped & packed, with sufficient cushion to prevent knocks & falls. When a customer order 3 records, together with packaging, the whole package weight will usually add up t0 more than 1kg.

Shipping Method

For Singapore customers, we offer self collection (Local Pickup) and Local Delivery services. Customers can visit Retrophonic Records during operating hours to pick up the records. For operating hours and location, kindly click here.

Local Delivery is done via local door-to-door courier service providers in Singapore. There are many couriers services here with various pricing and service quality. From time-to-time, we will add on or test out new service providers.

For international customers, we currently only ship to

Zone A – Malaysia
Zone B – Brunei, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, South Korea, Taiwan
Zone C – Australia, China, India, Japan, Macau
Zone D – Bangladesh, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, USA, UK
Zone E – Cambodia, Myanmar, Vietnam
Zone F – Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Switzerland

In time to come, we hope to extend delivery service to all other countries.

For some countries from Zone C onward, the online shipping calculators sometimes shows a high shipping fee and might not be 100%. We might be able to source a cheaper shipping option via EMS, which could be 20% – 30% cheaper. If you are keen to order from us, please email to, let us know the records you want to order and your actual address. We will then check the shipping fee with postal service to confirm the shipping fee. Orders can be processed manually.

Self Collection

For customers who opted to self collect, kindly refer to our shop location here. If you want to collect after operating hours, please call ahead to let us know so that we can stay a bit late for you. Please call to confirm to avoid disappointment. Please also take note that we are closed on Mondays.

How We Prepare Records for Local Shipping

  • Cardboards are placed in front and back of records, then packed into plastic bags
  • Shipping information is printed bold, big and clearly in the middle of the package

How We Prepare Records for International Shipping

  • For pre-owned vinyl records, they are removed from album covers, but kept in together with the inner sleeve. This is to prevent seam cut.
  • For new / re-issued records, they will be kept in their original shrink wrap.
  • Records are packed into a 12 inch cardboard “pizza-box” that can fit 6 to 7 records. Additional cardboards are added around the edge to hold the records together tightly inside the box.
  • We limit the maximum weight for each package to around 5kg or 12 records. Additional records will be packed into additional boxes. This is the ideal packaging size. Any heavier, it will increase the risks of damage during shipping
  • The “pizza-box” is carefully tapped to seal off all openings
  • Shipping information is printed bold, big and clearly in the middle of the package

Handling & Packaging Charges

For standard LPs and 2LPs records, the total shipping cost includes a handling fee plus freight cost.

Handling fee is calculated this way.

  • Local Pickup: $2 flat rate per order
  • Local Delivery: $5 flat rate per order
  • International Delivery: $10 flat rate per order

Handling fees covers a few things such as 1. convenience fees for online payment processing, 2. the cost of building and maintaining this website, 3. cost of packaging materials, 4. the labour work of pick and pack.

We take pride in the quality of packaging. We ship a few thousands of records every year and so far, we have zero complains about delivery damage. A lot of effort has been put in to ensure that we maintain this high level of safe and secure packaging standard to make sure your beloved records arrive in good condition.

Shipping Cost

  • Local Delivery: $1.00 per item on top of handling fee
  • International Delivery (Malaysia): $1.50 per item on top of handling fee
  • International Delivery (Rest of the World): shipping fee is calculated based on estimated weight. Per item handling fee is waived.

For example, if you order 3 records to ship to Singapore address, the total shipping and handling cost will be $5 + ($1 x 3) = $8.00. The $5 is a flat rate for handling fee, per order.

For shipping to Malaysia, the total shipping cost will be $10 + ($1.50 x 3) = $14.50. Handling fee for overseas order is $5 per order.

For shipping to rest of the world, shipping fee is calculated based on estimated weight.

Additional Shipping Cost For Boxsets

Due to additional weight for boxsets, which usually have 4 to 10 records in each box, there will be additional shipping fee on top of the standard shipping fee.

Free Shipping

Shipping is free for delivery within Singapore for orders above SGD80. We also offer free shipping for delivery to Peninsular Malaysia for orders above SGD150 and free delivery to Sabah & Sarawak for orders above SGD200.

Delivery Time

Local Delivery usually can be done by next business day if orders are placed before 2pm provided all items are in stock. During peak period such as holiday seasons, it might take 2-3 business days to deliver.

Deliveries are usually made during office hours, 9am to 6pm. As we engaged external courier service providers, it is not possible to do the delivery before 9am or after 6pm.

At the moment we do not offer time specific delivery. This means we are not able to have the item delivered at a specific hour of the day (eg. to have the item delivered on 25 December, 2pm). However, you are welcomed to state the preferred timing, (e.g 9am – 12pm, 2-5pm, avoid lunch time) so that we can pass on to the courier service providers.

Special arrangement could be made for delivery after working hours at additional fee.

Sometimes the delivery agent might be able to deliver on Saturdays, but deliver on Sundays are definitely not possible. Delivery on Saturdays are not guaranteed.

We currently do not offer same day delivery. It is just too costly to do so. If you need the records urgently, we highly recommend that you pay a visit to our physical store.

Delivery Address

Our courier service providers can deliver to both residential or office address. As delivery are usually made during office hours, 9am to 6pm, we strongly recommend deliver to your workplace unless you are certain that there will be someone at home to receive the package. We are strongly against instructing our courier service providers to leave the package at the door, at the gate or with your neighbours.

For delivery to office addresses especially those in Singapore CBD with strict security, please make sure you include your full name and mobile contact numbers. Delivery might be rejected without these information.

Restricted locations for Singapore

Our courier service providers can deliver to all locations in Singapore except the following

  • All Islands outside of mainland Singapore including Sentosa
  • All Military Camps and Defense facilities
  • All Police, special operations and SCDF stations
  • All Military and Commercial Airports or Airbases
  • All Naval Bases
  • All Sea Ports and Shipyards (Jurong Ports, Jurong Shipyard, Keppel Shipyard, etc)
  • All Airports including Changi Airport, Airline House, and high security areas
  • Parliament House
  • IRAS
  • All Prisons or detention facilities
  • All immigration checkpoints including Woodlands and Tuas Checkpoints
  • Senoko Incineration Plant
  • Resort World at Sentosa
  • All Power Stations
  • Tuas South Ave and surrounding industrial areas
  • Embassies or Intenational schools with high security entry
  • Marina Bay Sands
  • Any general restricted area (Please call or email if you are unsure)

Please note that delivery to Sentosa Island might incur additional charges.

Delivery to Hotels

It is possible to deliver to hotels but please email us at at least 3 days before arrival to prearrange. This is quite important especially for visitors with short stay and / or delivery is time specific. For hotels delivery we have to do in-house delivery, meaning we delivery the item ourselves.

It is also very important to make sure you provide us your full name exactly the same as the one you registered during hotel check-in. We also highly recommend that you inform us about your room number upon check in.

For security reasons, hotels are very strict in receiving packages. We can only deliver to the front desk or concierge; not to your room directly. Delivery can only be made after you have checked in the hotel.

International Deliveries

For shipping outside of Singapore, please expect 5-10 days for delivery. This varies according to the counties and cities, as well as the courier services engaged (eg. FedEx Economy, FedEx Priority, EMS, registered airmail etc). Also, as these are international deliveries, all packages has to be processed by customs. Delays are quite common depending on how efficient customs can clear the package.

Best case scenario if you need something urgent is delivery within 2 days by FedEx / DHL but expect to pay a premium for this.

Taxes and Import Duties for International Orders

Please take note that should there be any duty, tax or any other fees imposed by receiving country, these fees are to be paid by the buyer. Retrophonic is not responsible for these charges. We also cannot under-declare the value of the items.

All shipment must be declared under merchandise. We are not able to declare them under personal gifts.